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Summer is almost here - which means sunny days, no school, and an overwhelming need for adventure! Lots of families take this time to join in on the thrill by visiting an amusement park during this vacation period. 

If you’re planning to have a few days of excitement with family or friends this year, but aren’t sure of which park to visit, this list Gaab Travel International has for you will hopefully help you make up your mind!

Best Theme Parks for this Summer!

1. Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Talk about fun for every family member! You can visit the “most magical place on Earth” in the Magic Kingdom, travel the world and visit the future in Epcot, live a natural adventure in Animal Kingdom, or engage in the glamour of movie-making at Hollywood Studios!

2. Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California
If you’re traveling with teenagers or friends, then Six Flags is the place to go! You can expect thrills, screams, speed, and sudden turns. Plus, you get to experience themed rides from your favorite superheroes like Batman: The Ride or Superman: Escape from Krypton! 

3. Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida
Get splashed, thrilled, and adventurous! Experience your favorite movies with rides that will allow you to live in that world for a few minutes! If you’re a Marvel fan, a dinosaur enthusiast, or just want to wrap yourself around the magic of Harry Potter, this is where you need to go! 

4. Hersheypark in Derry Township, Pennsylvania
You can say what you want about the other parks, but there’s no denying that Hersheypark is, indeed, the sweetest one of them all! Get into a sugary-chocolatey mood with rides that range from gentle for the little ones, to seriously heart-stopping for the more daring!

5. Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio
If rollercoasters are what you seek to spend your sunny days, then Cedar Point is just for you! With a nickname like “America’s Roller Coaster”, you know what to expect at this park: 16 exciting rides that will take you up, down, and all around!

Get Your Thrill On!

If you’re getting the itch to travel and go on the rides of one of these amazing amusement park options, be sure to contact Gaab Travel International! We have great options that will allow you and your family or friends to experience the excitement this summer! Call 1-800-279-7478 to get the benefits of our discount travel packages, today!  
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