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One of the most jaw-dropping natural spectacles you can ever witness is the Aurora Borealis or “The Northern Lights”. Named after the Roman Goddess of “dawn”, Aurora, and the greek word for “north wind”, Boreas, this stunning display of natural beauty and magnificence has been making mankind stand in awe since the beginning of time. If you’d like to learn more about this gorgeous marvel, Gaab Travel International has this post for you! 

The Aurora Borealis


The Northern Lights occur when solar winds hit the magnetospheric particles in the atmosphere. Depending on the gasses involved and the height of this collision, is the color and pattern that illuminate the night sky: red, pink, yellow, green and blue.


This outstanding display is more visible during the nights between the fall and spring equinoxes (September - March), especially towards the end of autumn and winter. 

Keep in mind that this is a natural phenomenon, and though its activity is more frequent during this time of year, there are no guarantees that you’ll actually get to see it. 

If you want a bit of certainty, there are Aurora Alerts, which make forecasts about their activity, and even specify the time and place to be to witness them.


The farther up north you are, the bigger your chances of spotting Aurora Borealis. Two of the best places to see them are Yellowknife, Canada and Tromso, Norway, though they are visible anywhere near the Arctic Circle. 

Experience the Northern Lights with Gaab Travel International!

If you want to be a witness to this grandiose occurrence, now it’s the time to do it! The Aurora Borealis season is in full effect, and you can visit Scandinavia, Northern Canada, etc. to be a part of it. 

If you need help getting there, know that you can count on Gaab Travel International to provide the best service and discount travel packages, so you don’t miss the beauty of the lights. Call 1-800-279-7478 for more information.
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