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Summer is around the corner and nothing compares to spending your vacation at a beach destination, where you will enjoy the sea, sand and everything else that this unique environment has for you. However, you shouldn’t forget that the sea must be respected to avoid any unfortunate situation. For this reason GAAB Travel created the following post containing useful information on the beach safety flags. 


This color will always be linked to potential danger and here it’s not the exception. Red flags mean strong currents and tides, which can represent a threat to anyone who goes for a swim. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how physically fit or experienced you are, even the best swimmers can be in danger when it comes to the sea. 


While red flags mean you should refrain from entering to the ocean, yellow means that you may proceed with caution, although the condition may not be the ideal. If you choose to go for a swim, make sure to check there is a lifeguard on duty. 


Just like a traffic light, green means that it’s safe to swim. However, you should be always careful and pay extra attention to your children. Keep in mind that there are certain rules you should always respect.

Purple or Blue

It’s no secret that the ocean is home to thousands of species, and while most of them are harmless, other may represent a threat. A blue or purple flag warns you about the presence of wildlife and you should be careful before entering the sea.  

Remember that you should always be careful when you enter the sea, regardless the flag you may see. Keep in mind that these flags are valid world wide, so you should respect them no matter the country you are. Also, don’t forget that Playa del Carmen is the perfect location for your next vacation, so be sure to read our guide on this amazing destination. 

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