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Have you ever wanted to take a roadtrip across the United States to see all of those amazingly quirky roadside attractions along the way? Same here. But then we thought, we’ve got Gaab Travel International to help us out, we can go anywhere. This lead to researching and finding some of the most interesting, albeit a bit bizarre, travel destinations out there. These are not the complete list, but a really great start. Where should we go first? 

Oh, Mexico. How about Mexico? There will actually be two Mexico attractions on this list because we just couldn’t decide. 

1. San Juan Parangaricutiro and the Lava Church

The town of San Juan Parangaricutiro is located in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. Well, we should probably say was located there. In 1943 a volcano began to rise from a farmer’s field, before the entire town was destroyed, it was evacuated. Nobody died, or was even seriously injured in the evacuation and eruption, and the townspeople relocated not so far away, to the NEW San Juan Parangaricutiro. There was a beautiful cathedral located in the town, and now, though the whole town is buried under volcanic ash, the altar of the church still stands. If you want to go visit, get ready to hike. The church is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, but is such an interesting place. We simply have to go. 

2. The Minister’s Tree House

This treehouse, nearly 100 feet high, is situated in, or should we say on an 80 feet tall, quite lively, White Oak tree. It’s location is just outside of Crossville, Tn. and has been built by a minister, as a church and recreational climbing spot. Anyone is welcome to go climb in the treehouse, but you’ve got to be pretty daring to make it all the way to the top!

3. The Enchanted Glow Worm Caves of Waitomo

In the caves of Waitomo, under New Island, New Zealand, you will find the home of thousands of glow worms. If you shine a light on them, admittedly if you aren’t into looking at worms hanging above your head, then you could get a bit grossed out. But, in the dark, you look up and see these guys, glowing like thousands of stars on the cave ceiling. Get ready for a guided tour of the caves, by boat of course. 

4. The Rizzi House “The Happiest House in the World” 

This building, in historic Brunswick, Germany, is a creation of the late American pop artist, James Rizzi. You might understand why the historical society of Brunswick originally said “no” to this almost obnoxiously happy home. It now acts as a divider between the more trendy business district and the historical downtown of Brunswick. It serves as offices, and unless you have official business, you will not be allowed inside. No matter though, the outside of the property will give you plenty to look at. 

5. Las Pozas, Xilitla, San Luis Potosi-Mexico

Built in the jungles of San Luis Potosi, the geometric anomaly seems to almost spring up out of the ground. Las Pozas, Xilitla was built by surrealist Edward James, starting in 1947 and by 1984 when James died, he’d built 36 surrealist sculptures in his 20 acres of jungle. Spend the night in a close by jungle town, participate in a guided tour, or choose to venture on your own through the bizarre and awe inspiring sculptrues.  

6. Alnwick Poison Garden

The Poison Garden is but one part of the much larger Alnwick Gardens, attached to Alnwick Castle in England. The entire garden is something to be seen, but The Poison Garden is a very special attraction. There are over 100 plants of varying danger throughout the garden. The garden was created by Duchess of Northumberland, who did so because she thought children coming to the gardens would be more interested in hearing about how a plant can kill, how long it would take to die, and what the symptoms were. It really was created for educational purposes. Belladonna, Poppies, Hemlock, and Ricin are some of the dangerous plants you will find. They are very beautiful to look at, and perhaps some you could even touch, but ingesting them could be deadly. Of course there are rules in The Poison Garden, and people to make sure that nothing goes ary. It is a bit eery to realize you are surrounded by plants that could kill you.

7. Free Spirit Spheres

These interesting little tree ornaments are so much more than that. Located in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada these are actually quite nice little hotels. They do not have bathrooms in the spheres, so be prepared to have a bathroom buddy. The spheres are only made for one or two people, so would be really great for a solitary retreat. Get really close to nature, sleep in the trees by the birds, enjoy the green of spring or the white of winter. They’re open all year round, pending the temperatures don’t go below -20C. 
This has been quite the eclectic adventure, with bizarre and intriguing travel destinations. We hope you’ve seen something to inspire YOU! No matter if you long for the big city or are more interested in a quiet retreat, swinging from trees, exploring the jungle, or under the ground watching the star-like cave worms, we can help you get there. Remember us at Gaab Travel International when it is time to get your bizarre adventure underway!
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