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One of the best reasons for travelling over the holiday season (or indeed for travelling any time of year) is the opportunity to experience new and exciting culinary curiosities. Gabb Travel International have compiled a few of the spectacular Christmas offerings you could enjoy if you’re spending your holidays abroad.

The Feast of Seven Fishes (Italy)

Originating from southern Italy, this feast consists (unsurprisingly) of seven fish dishes. These could include salt cod, baked dolphinfish, oysters, octopus salad, linguine with crab sauce, or any number of other mouthwatering options. It’s widely celebrated in the US, too, but to experience the real deal, why not enjoy La Vigilia in Naples, or even Sicily?

Porkkanalaatiko (Finland)

We won’t judge you if you can’t pronounce this one correctly. This traditional Finnish carrot and rice casserole is baked in custard and sweetened with brown sugar, making it not dissimilar to the sweet potato dishes enjoyed over the holidays in the US. Imagine enjoying a hearty helping in Lapland; the home of Santa Claus himself!

Mince Pies (The UK)

No longer made with actual mince, these delicious treats consist of a sweet, spiced fruit mix baked into crumbly, buttery pastry. We challenge you to stop at eating just one. Enjoy some mince pies on a holiday visit to London and experience your very own Dickensian Christmas.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and sponge cake (Japan)

You read that right. Japan has a very small Christian population, so Christmas is not celebrated in anything like the way it is in many other countries. Instead, ever since an incredibly successful advertising campaign in 1974, many Japanese families enjoy a Christmas-themed meal from KFC topped off with a strawberry sponge cake known as Kurisumasu Keiki. Japanese culture needs to be experienced first-hand in order to be halfway understood, so why not pay a visit?

Of course, these are just a few examples. We could also have told you about Ireland’s spiced beef, Hungarian poppy seed cake, Guatemalan Christmas tamales, Swedish anchovy casserole, Indian coconut kulkul cakes, or any number of others! 

If any of these spark your fancy, there’s still time to organize a Christmas trip! Gaab Travel International can cater to all of your travelling needs with our discount travel packages, so call 1-800-279-7478 to plan the trip of a lifetime today!

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