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Curacao, it’s name originating from the Portuguese word for heart, is one of the ABC Islands, in the Dutch Caribbean or the Netherland Antilles. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are owned by Holland. While Curacao was originally set up as a trading post for the Dutch West India Company, now it is one the most culturally rich, fantastic, islands, ever. 

Here’s why we love it. 

On Land: Willemstad is the historical area of the island. Very Dutch, very colorful architecture is what awaits you on this part of the island. The canal lined with umbrella clad cafes and restaurants is an excellent place to catch a break from the heat, and it IS hot. Average temperatures are around 90 degrees fahrenheit, 32 celsius, with humidity at 80% year round. Also, while in Willemstad you might want to take some time to eavesdrop on the locals. Dutch, English, Spanish, and the island’s language of Papiamentu are what you will hear. Papiamentu is largely comprised of Spanish, but also incorporates words in English and Dutch. If you are a lover of language, this one will be music to your ears. Curacao is most popular amongst European and Venezuelan travelers.  

On the water: Seriously, we had trouble deciding on a photograph to include for this. There are too many, absolutely astonishing photos in existence. Do a simple search, you’ll see. Not all Curacao beaches have this color water, but the ones that do are in abundance. You can choose between private and public beaches. At a private beach, you will have to pay an entrance fee, unless you are staying at the resort it is connected with. There are some plus sides to a private beach: More food options, less people, and at least one bar where you can buy a drink made with Blue Curacao. If you like rum, you’ll love this! Public beaches have advantages as well. Typically there will be more locals at public beaches, so if you truly want to experience the culture of Curacao, we recommend them. 

Under the sea: Too much time on land? With people? How about the tranquility of the sea? Curacao has some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean. The “blue edge” is found on the northern side of the island, just 200 feet from the shore, where the ocean floor has a steep drop off. Honestly, be prepared, it is very steep. 

Curacao has something for everyone. If you are not a beach lover, but happen to be traveling with a beach lover, no worries. Curacao has great shopping, artisan markets, and as previously mentioned, cafes, lots and lots of cafes. For the ocean lover, you have 38 beaches to choose from, and numerous water activities. Together you can choose to relax in your private villa on the hillside, or in your all inclusive resort. Endless possibilities await you.

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