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Nature is awesome, and there’s no better way to prove it than the Natural Great Barrier Reef! This ecosystem is located off the northeastern coast of Australia and it’s a vibrant, colorful, and lively reminder of the wonders that inhabit the Earth.

In this post, Gaab Travel International has a few interesting facts about the Natural Great Barrier Reef that is sure to leave you wanting to visit it soon!

Things You Should Know About the Natural Great Barrier Reef

It’s Big

It’s called the Great Barrier Reef, because aside of being great, it’s also very, very big (over 344,400 square km). It’s the world’s largest reef system and can even be seen from space!

It’s Super Diverse

One of the things that make this reef so special is the amount of life it hosts. Thousands of species of plants, fish, reptiles, mammals and even birds exist around this megadiverse environment.

It’s Old

This fascinating ecosystem didn’t suddenly appear! It started forming over 20 million years ago (approx.) when tiny corals started secreting individual underwater calcium structures.

It’s a World Heritage

As you can see from the other entries in this post, the Natural Great Barrier Reef is nothing short of amazing. Since 1981 it’s a UNESCO World Heritage SITE because of its importance.

Visit the Reef!

You shouldn’t just read about the Natural Great Barrier Reef, you should experience it, too. If you feel like being amazed by it, remember to call 866-576-1400 to get Gaab Travel International. We offer discount travel packages that’ll allow you to live your dream vacation!
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