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You know what’s fun and exciting? Getting to travel the world and seeing new places! You know what’s miserable and difficult? Suffering from jet lag through it! 

As you know, jet lag is an annoyance that makes you feel tired after you’ve traveled to other parts of the world due to the different time zones. What’s more, it can even prevent you from experiencing and enjoying the places you’ve traveled so far to see. This is why, in an effort to help you out, this post will go over a few tips on how to lessen your jet lag.

How to Deal with Jet Lag

PrepareIf you know that you’re traveling to a place with a large time zone difference from yours, you can start preparing for it a couple of weeks in advance. Start rearranging your sleeping schedule little by little to fit that of your destination’s, so you won’t be caught off guard once you get there.

Stay Awake!

When you arrive to your destination, do your best to stay awake. Your goal should be to follow the sun: be up when it’s up, and sleep when it’s down. Try the tips below to keep your peepers wide open and to avoid sleeping through your trip:
  • Drink coffee to give you the boost of energy you need.
  • Take cold showers early in the morning to start your day.
  • Stay busy: go sightseeing, get out of your room, and keep moving.
  • Utilize your devices, for example, your alarm clock, to keep you on track.

Eat Well

Be sure to reach out for healthy meals that will give you a lot of protein and energy during your trip. Likewise, stay away from foods that can make you feel heavy and drowsy, so you don’t feel like you’re crashing down.

Drink Water

Long trips can be very dehydrating, believe it or not. As you know, your body needs water in order to work properly, so make sure to drink enough liquids to replenish and keep you going.

Consider Medication

If you don’t think that you can get rid of jet lag without a little bit of help, you should consider taking medication to stay awake. Just make sure to talk to your doctor first to review your options and choose the best one for you.


When you’re back from your trip, allow a couple of days (if possible) for you to rest and reprogram your schedule back to normal. This can be of great help if you don’t want to be sleepy at work or school.

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