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In a previous post, we here at Gaab Travel International told you a little about the new seven wonders of the world. Those man-made attractions are fantastic, but mother nature has provided enough wonders of her own, too! Today, we’d like to offer some facts about a few natural wonders of the world, as chosen by CNN.

The Grand Canyon

Starting here in the States, the first wonder on our list is the Grand Canyon. This awe-inspiring sight is located in the Arizona desert and is a result of thousands of years of erosion by the Colorado River coursing through the Colorado Plateau. It’s around 277 miles long and, at certain points, is one mile deep. It’s impossible to adequately describe how vast this canyon is; you’ll just have to visit!

The Great Barrier Reef

Australia is a veritable goldmine for wondrous natural sights, but the jewel in its crown is the Great Barrier Reef. It takes up around 133,000 square miles, making it large enough to be identifiable from space! It’s home to more than 1500 species of fish, and is frequented by sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and a plethora of other marine life. Unfortunately, ecological damage threatens the future of the Reef, so if you visit make sure to bear in mind that the Reef may be huge and spectacular, but it is also vulnerable.

Mount Everest

It goes without saying that Mount Everest is among the most incredible places on Earth. It’s the highest mountain on planet Earth, reaching a peak of 8,848 meters above sea level (that’s 5 ½ miles!). It was first ascended in 1953 by Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tenzing Norgay and has ever since been a wildly popular mountain for climbers. You need not climb to the top to appreciate Everest, though; looking up at the towering peak of the Himalayas from nearby villages is enough to inspire a true experience of the sublime.

Victoria Falls

Known as Mosi-oa-Tunya (‘Smoke That Thunders’) in the Tongan tongue, this southern African waterfall truly is a sight to behold. It is, in fact, neither the highest nor the tallest waterfall in the world, but it is the largest! It’s difficult to appreciate the majesty of the waterfall without experiencing it first hand. The thunderous noise, the sheer volume of the pounding water, the spray shooting off in all directions... It needs to be seen to be believed!

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