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 We here at Gaab Travel Club want to provide you with the opportunity to visit your dream destinations, and we think that after hearing a little more about New Zealand it may well shoot to the top of your list. Here are just a few of the reasons to visit this amazing country.

Natural beauty

There is perhaps no more beautiful country in the world. New Zealand features a whole host of stunning scenery; majestic mountains, rugged fjords, gentle rolling hills, mighty glaciers, acres of unspoiled forests and hundreds of miles of the Earth’s finest coastline. If you want to drink in the delights of nature, you simply have to visit New Zealand.


Not only can you hike or bike through stunning forests or across craggy mountain passes, you can also take things to more of an extreme by paragliding, skydiving, canoeing or kayaking down rapids, caving, hot air ballooning, or even heliskiing. New Zealand is the perfect place for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush!


If your idea of the perfect holiday doesn’t include scaring yourself silly, or indeed if you need to wind down after bungee jumping, New Zealand offers unrivalled opportunities for relaxation. The country is famed for its pristine, silent landscapes, so escape to the wild for a chance to get away from it all. The people of New Zealand are also renowned for their easygoing, friendly nature, so a visit to Auckland or any other city is sure to be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle even whilst you enjoy all the amenities of a modern city.


New Zealand is an ancient country, having been inhabited by the native Maori people for hundreds of years before the arrival of Europeans during the 18th Century. There are tons of opportunities to learn more about Maori culture and the colonization of New Zealand during your trip.


Of course, the climate will be the biggest draw for many tourists. New Zealand has a very temperate climate, so skips the extremely (unpleasantly) hot summers of Australia, and has very mild winters. Visit New Zealand at any time of year and you’re almost guaranteed perfect weather.

If New Zealand somehow doesn’t take your fancy, how about Playa del Carmen? Wherever you’d like to go, Gaab Travel Club can help make your dream a reality. Call 1-800-279-7478 to begin organizing your trip today!
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