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One of the most intriguing and beautiful natural phenomena in the world is the Northern Lights, otherwise known as Aurora Borealis. They can be seen from late fall until early spring. The Northern Lights are, in short, small collisions between electrical charges from the sun and the atmosphere of the earth. If that weren’t interesting enough, the lights they create are a visual source of awe and wonder for many. Gaab Travel International would like to list a few of the best places to see Northern Lights and understand their beauty. Not only will you get to see a unique and spectacular sight, but you’ll also get to explore some very beautiful cities. Whether you choose a North American or European destination, you are sure to be pleased with your visit. 


Tromsø, Norway is located above the Arctic Circle and is therefore one of the northernmost places where you can see the lights. You are bound to find a green sky on those winter nights. Before the night sky lights up, you can enjoy a quaint town with a bustling university, breweries, and delicious local cuisine. 


Around the Abisko National Park is arguably the best place to see the lights. The sky is dark and usually clear. There is also a large lake in the area which creates extra moisture in the sky, leaving a “blue hole” in the middle of the Aurora Borealis. 


Head up to the Denali and Yukon Territory, away from the city lights, to see the Northern Lights in Alaska. Though it’s still far, you’ll have the benefit here of getting to see the lights while remaining in the US, should you not wish to travel outside of the States at this time. After seeing the lights in Alaska, you’re bound to want to see them from more angles as well. 


Though Scotland is likely to be foggy, with thick cloud coverage, going there and actually seeing the Northern Lights is something you’ll never forget. You’ll have to have patience and plan for a multiple day trip to catch a glimpse. But once you do, you’ll find that it was well worth the wait. It is a sight to be seen. 

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