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Leaving home to go on an extended trip can be very exciting! Unfortunately, this means it can be stressful trying to figure out what you will need to pack. The choices you make become crucial because you don’t want to forget or neglect anything you may need later. The agents at Gaab Travel would like to give you a few tips on packing efficiently for a long vacation or business trip.

Buy a Good Bag

Your bag not only will hold all your stuff, but will have to endure a lot of man-handeling during your travels, so get a good quality travel bag with wheels. It's well worth the expense.

Plan Ahead of Time

Check the weather and plan your days and your outfits accordingly. Make absolutely sure you know that your identification and passport are in an easy to get to pocket, you will be asked to take it out more often than you think. The more you plan, the easier it’ll be to pack and the more efficient your trip will be. 

Match & Roll

Make sure to bring clothing that can be mixed and matched so you don’t have to overpack! This is essential on long trips so you aren’t left with a bag too bulky or too heavy. Roll rather than fold your clothes tightly and you can fit more in. Leave some room however for items you will be buying and bringing back with you.

Take the Essentials

There are certain toiletries that you’ll absolutely need such as that expensive face cream that’s good for your skin, or personal hygiene items. If you can find travel sized versions of your essentials, this is even better. These should be in the checked baggage, not your carry-on. Make sure you check beforehand what you can and cannot carry onto the plane or it could be confiscated and you won't get it back.

In Conclusion

You should have an efficient and enjoyable time away from home by using Gaab Travel Services and following the tips above. For more information or to check our resort deals, call us at our local number: 204-800-7841 or our toll free number: 1-800-279-7478.
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