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When somebody says the word ‘travel’, perhaps the first thing that you imagine is reclining on a sun-drenched beach in the Bahamas. Consider this; during summer in Norway, the sun never sets! This is just one of the reasons that we here at Gaab Travel International would like to introduce you to the awe-inspiring country of Norway.

Unbelievable landscapes

Norway’s otherworldly landscape is effectively indescribable, which makes this a pretty tough task. You can see fjords hewn out of ancient rock by the passage of glaciers, in which seals, porpoises and many different fish have made their home. You could visit the rugged mountain ranges that cover this beautiful country, including Trollheimen, fabled home of the trolls. Besides these you will also find towering waterfalls, glaciers of staggering scale, and the world’s most powerful maelstrom; Saltstraumen.

Viking History

You should be thankful that the Vikings are history, as these rambunctious characters were no stranger to a spot of violence. You can have a safe Viking experience by visiting any number of historical sites, including viewing the longboats at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, or joining a Viking feast in the longhall of the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg.

Aurora Borealis/The Northern Lights

We’ve already provided you with information about the stunning Northern Lights, so it suffices to say that this jaw-dropping natural phenomenon is simply unmissable, and there’s no better place than to catch sight of this spectacle than Norway.

Outdoor Activities

There’s no better place in the world to get active than Norway. Whether your enthusiasm is hiking, cycling, running, skiing, scuba diving or mountain-climbing, Norway will provide breathtaking surroundings for you to really make the most of life.

To arrange a visit to Norway, or indeed any other destination, be sure to contact Gaab Travel International, providing premium service to the discerning traveler. We can provide the biggest savings on your luxury holidays withdiscount travel packages, so call 1-800-279-7478 to find out more today.
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