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What is a Vacation Club?

The term ‘vacation club’ was introduced to families that want the benefits of a owning a vacation home, But with more flexibility and choice in where they vacation each year. 

When joining a vacation club, a member gains access to a collection of vacation resorts in various locations around the world in exchange for a one-time membership fee and annual membership dues.

In the past 10 years, vacation clubs have gained popularity among families who love to travel. We now have many options to choose from depending on your budget…

On the low end there is the GAAB Travel Club which offers over 5000 resorts at capped prices to their members in exchange for a one-time membership fee of $2997 - all the way up to the Disney Vacation Club where you can expect to pay between $17,600 and $39,600 plus annual fees. 

Here is a snapshot of some of the top vacation clubs…they are listed from highest to lowest in price.

Most vacation clubs use a points system for requesting your vacation week except GAAB Travel Club. Their members simply pay the low capped weekly rate. 

Although there are many differences, all vacation clubs share one common goal: Their members will lead a healthier and happier life while building priceless memories with family and friends on vacation.

There are usually 5 reasons why someone would join a vacation club…
  1. To get access to discounted resort prices
  2. To get access to exclusive resorts not available to the public
  3. They want the flexibility to travel (when, where, how often) 
  4. They need more room than a traditional hotel suite
  5. To make a vacation commitment – they want to take a vacation each year
What’s your reason why?

If you would like access to some of the best real estate around the world without the hassles or cost of vacation ownership, perhaps a vacation club membership is right for you. 

To learn more about any of the vacation clubs mentioned in this video, click on one of the links below …
The World is Waiting… Join a Vacation Club Today.

Happy Travels! 

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