If you already own a timeshare or are seriously considering buying one...
- it is imperative that you watch this video in its entirety.

This could be the most important 20 minutes you can spend today.
You and your family deserve this.
To travel each year...
Without ever worrying about price.

Call me with any questions.
Phone: 1-204-880-8254
Toll Free: 1-800-279-7478

Christine McIvor

Happy travel club member since 2007!
Christine McIvor
P.S. What's awesome about this lifetime travel club is when you're not spending much money on accommodations and you have the option to stock your kitchen and eat meals in, you will have more money to spend on excursions like zip lining, snorkeling, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, visiting museums, white water rafting, helicoptor tours, and more. 

Let your imagination soar!

You will truly have access to some of the best real estate in the world.

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