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Your Timeshare Alternative
You know how most timeshares charge an annual maintenance fee which could increase in the future?

We solve this.

We cap all timeshare resorts inside the Registry of Resorts from $398 - $699 per week….

With NO blackout dates or maintenance fees! 

When you purchase a timeshare…
Like a car, it has INSTANT depreciation
  • pay annual membership fee for exchanges (RCI, Interval International)
  • pay thousands for one week only
  • are restricted to usage times… 
  • have yearly maintenance fees regardless if you use it… 
  • are bound to a contract which allows foreclosure… 

Why would you enter a contract like that… ?

When you can simply pay a small one-time fee… 
To have access to 5000+ timeshares worldwide… 
And receive all the perks and benefits as if you were an owner?

GAAB Travel  is affordable and EASY to use!

Dare to Compare...

Timeshare Comparison

GAAB Travel offers the incredible opportunity to vacation in the very best timeshare resorts around the world from $398 - $699 per week!

Get a one, two, or three bedroom suite for less than the cost of a typical hotel room ANY time of the year! There are NO blackout dates! 

It's a Fact...

One of the best things about owning a travel club membership is that it holds its value better than a timeshare. You will see your return on investment within the first 1-4 vacations. When you are finished you could sell the membership for same price you purchased it for or more!  

You get to experience... the best beaches... the best golf courses... the best cruise ships and the best mountains all over the world!

If you are ready to take more vacations, and start saving up to 90% off timeshare resorts worldwide, click on the button "Yes, I'm ready to Join the Club" below...

If you are hesitating because you'd really like to actually see inside the membership... 

... see how you search for vacations and make your resort reservations? 

I can help you with that.    

Either myself or one of my travel assistants  will do a one-on-one tour with you.  

We do this right over the internet so you don't have to go anywhere!

Click on the button below to schedule your free online tour!

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